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How to reduce sick leave with antibacterial solutions

Every successful business should have a goal to reduce sick leave in the workplace. Flu seasons and sickness absence can have a huge impact on company’s financial situation and employees’ long-term ability to work efficiently.  

An antibacterial environment sends a message about caring, professionality and taking advantage of the latest technologies. Antibacterial environment is crucially important in production facilities, hospitals and shared workstations but also for any kind of office environment. Bacteria can lay in the most common tools we use every day – such as in a keyboard and mouse. 

Did you know that a keyboard can contain more bacteria than a toilet seat?  


Antibacterial solutions to reduce sick leave

Fortunately, you can replace your current keyboards and mice with antibacterial versions. Antibacterial keyboard and mouse have a silver ionized surface that prevents bacteria and fungus growth. They are also 100% waterproof so can be cleaned with a normal or disinfect cleaning agent and washed in a dishwasher to improve customer’s and staff safety, thus eliminate diseases and reduce infections. With antibacterial solutions, your company can reduce sick leave, increase productivity and save money. 


“Confederation of Finnish Industries has defined the cost of one sick leave day to be on average 350 euros.” 


Cost of sick leave in Finland 

In Finland, the percentage of sick leave compared to working hours is 4,3%. Confederation of Finnish Industries has defined the cost of one sick leave day to be on average 350 euros. So, in a company of 50 employees, this means annually 473 days of sick leave with a total estimated cost over 150 000 euros. Especially flu season can hit hard if many employees get sick at the same time. This increases workload and can cause delays in your services. With even -0,3% decrease in sick leave, the worth over 10 000 euros. 

Almost 80% of flu and gastroenteritis infections spread out by hands. No wonder that proper hand and surface hygiene is the key practice for avoiding unnecessary sick leave. As said, keeping your keyboards and mice as clean as your sanitary spaces is essential.  

Antibacterial mouseAntibacterial keyboardsAntibacterial keyboard 

…one more reason to get antibacterial solutions now. 

Our antibacterial solutions have one more advantage in addition to reducing sick leave. They can be customised based on your specific needs and designed with your brand including e.g. logo and colors to increase brand connectedness among your employees. Stylish outlook, keyboard with background light and smoothly moving that fit you the best. 


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