Components for Harsh Conditions
We are used to making enduring quality products for extreme conditions for instance in Marine
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We serve clients who want to offer the best user experience and value to their customers
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Components for Harsh Conditions

We are used to making durable quality products for extremely challenging and demanding conditions. The quality of our products is tested daily on the thousands of end products of our tens of marine customers worldwide. Other components and materials we supply range from outdoor furniture to antenna masts used by the Defense Forces.

Our Strengths

Know-how and references

  • Specialist in polished Stainless Steel products
  • Trusted partner for numerous Marine customers

Finishing and value for money

  • High quality finishing of the product is our standard
  • Durability is combined with a spectacular appearance
  • We are agile and cost effective manufacturer

Our Products

Tässä on lyhyt kattaus esimerkkeinä koviin olosuhteisiin suunnitelluista ja valmistetuista tuoteratkaisuista. Useimmiten kyseessä ovat ulkonäköosat, joilta odotetaan äärimmäisen kestävyyden lisäksi myös ensiluokkaista viimeistelyä ja erinomaista käytettävyyttä. 

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