Sustainability, Recyclability and Uniqueness
We manufacture our goods using enduring, fully recyclable materials often customised to meet client exact needs and specifications
We Target 100 % Customer Satisfaction
We are content only after our client is. Our mission is to achieve best possible customer value and satisfaction combined with commercial profitability

Sustainable, Intelligent Manufacturing (SIMa)

Contract manufacturing with us will get you among other these benefits: 

  • You get what you want – from design and production to delivery
  • Strategic, sustainable and intelligent value creation in manufacturing
  • Component compatibility always ensured in assemblies
  • Excellent products, cost savings and efficiency production
  • Products with long life cycle and good recyclability
  • Ecological, non-plastic and recyclable packing

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow in five years as the most important Finnish contract manufacturer using network manufacturing in matching the demand for components, products and raw materials with global supply in a sustainable and intelligent way. We are an innovative company operating internationally utilising global production capacity, manufacturing and design know-how.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a pioneer in ecologically sustainable and intelligent contract manufacturing. We want our customers to choose us as their strategic manufacturing partner when purchasing customized, customer-specific and responsibly manufactured components, assemblies and raw materials. Furthermore we provide ecological way of delivery by sea freight using reusable, non-plastic packing.

Our Way of Working - SIMa

We strongly think that industrial manufacturing must become more sustainable. Global production capacity and know-how should be used more efficiently. Continuous increase of resources and competition against already existing overcapacity in production fights against sustainability. Companies need to focus more on what is really important in manufacturing and use more strategic, sustainable partners to create value in the production chain.

We are that manufacturing partner committed to sustainable, intelligent contract manufacturing. Our mission is to produce the best long life cycle and value added solutions in ecologically sustainable way. We utilize intelligent network manufacturing, combining existing global production capacity. We are responsible for the engineering, manufacturing and delivery of the product on the customer’s production line. Or even as a finished, individually packed product for retail.

Our way of working has been praised by our customers. We do what we promise and take responsibility for the entire production and logistics chain without forgetting social responsibility. Many of our products have a very long life cycle and a good recycling value. For example our composite planks with custom-made profile are produced from recycled plastics and reject from parquet production. Another example is our Stainless Steel equipment for Marine.

We have grown fast since we launched the concept of Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing (SIMa) in 2015.  Our net sales has more than tripled in a few years and the growth continues at a rapid pace. Our office in Taiwan is responsible for production and the head office in Helsinki is in charge of customer service. We happily serve new industrial clients who want to grow their sales with sustainably manufactured components and solutions that best meet the needs of their customers. 

Manufacturing as a Service

We want to offer manufacturing as a service, where we are in charge of design, manufacturing and delivery of a finished product to the client. In our service we put together the special expertise of several factories and ensure the compatibility of the components used in the assembly on behalf of our client.

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