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Production News in China

Corona virus impact on Chinese factories

UPDATE 11/02/2020: At present we foresee a delay on average of 3-4 weeks in production taking place in China. The factories will resume to working in a week after getting permission to do so from the government. Although forwarders are now back to work the biggest problem however is in logistics where the truck drivers can’t freely travel within China without quarantines. Please note that both air and rail will have restrictions in the weeks ahead and rates will go up.

We would like to inform our partners about the current situation in the factories of China regarding the outbreak of Corona virus. All industrial production has been shut down since Chinese New Year due to preventive measures taken by the Chinese government. The respiratory virus detected in Wuhan has now infected thousands of Chinese citizens and has spread to certain parts of Europe as well.


This force majeure situation will affect production and cause deliveries to be delayed

Despite our best efforts to avoid inconveniences delays are expected to take place. We do what we can to speed up production once the factories reopen, keep delivery delays as short as possible and move production from China to Taiwan if it’s applicable. We are going to keep our customers informed once we know more about the real effects on each production run after the Chinese factories are back in business. 

Thank you for your understanding and please order as early as possible in order to avoid shortages in supply!

Tietoset Team

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