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Production News in China

China factories are getting back to normal production - no affects on other production by current coronavirus situation.

UPDATE 10/03/2020

We have informed earlier that all our China production has been under shutdown due the outbreak of coronavirus. The preventive measurements by Chinese government are gradually being normalised, and most of our China production is  back in operation. As well, some of our production has been transferred to e.g. Taiwan. Our production is at primary position on many factories. 

This respiratory virus originally detected in Wuhan, China, has now infected thousands of people around the world. Although, the virus has no significant affect on our production in other locations.

In Finland, Finnish institute of health and welfare is responsible for official updates on general situation of coronavirus.

This force majeure situation will cause deliveries to be delayed

Despite our best efforts to avoid inconveniences delays are expected to take place. Quarantines and backlog caused by shutdowns have the most affect on logistics. Particularly we can expect delays on AISI316 cast parts, forged objects and certain tubular structures such as ladders and railings. Currently, the best way to avoid shortages in supply is to order as early as possible.

Proactive ordering to secure the availability of components

It is highly recommended to place your orders as soon as possible to secure the availability of components. This is the best way to compensate the challenges faced due coronavirus situation. We offer our customers more flexible terms of payments and buffering options. Customer satisfaction is still our number one priority despite these force majeure circumstances. Our specialists are here to help to find most suitable solutions with right delivery times and order sizes based on specific needs of our customers.

Trusted partner when coronavirus affects your business

We do understand that coronavirus may have affected on your business, and we would like to remind that we can help from product design to production including components and even finished final products ready to sell. Network manufacturing guarantees adjustable production also on challenging circumstances. Because we manufacture customised solutions, production shutdowns should not have an impact on new customers and production of new components and solutions.

We also manufacture protective gear such as masks and disinfectants. If your company has a need for these, we can add them on your order. More products and further information here (in Finnish).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions; +358 40 532 9219 or

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