Sustainable Contract Manufacturing
When just the ordinary is not enough for you
Customized solutions for those who want to stand out
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No Plastic 2020
We continuously cut down the use of plastics in packing.
Working together with our clients and factories we seek
to get rid of plastics all together by the end of 2020
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Sustainability, Recyclability and Uniqueness
We manufacture our goods using enduring, fully recyclable materials
often customised to meet client exact needs and specifications
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We target 100% Customer Satisfaction
We are content only after our client is.
Our mission is best possible customer value and satisfaction
combined with commercial profitability
Outlook & Design Products
A well-executed and high in value product sells more, for a better price
and produces more satisfied customers than on average.
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Components for Harsh Conditions
We are used to make enduring quality products for extreme conditions for instance in Marine
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Tailor-made Products & Materials
We can help you when you want to uniquely differentiate your product
by using tailor-made components and materials
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Tietoset - Sustainable Manufacturing

We are a forerunner in sustainable, intelligent manufacturing

We contract manufacture components, raw materials and semi-finished products for OEMs intelligently and ecologically sustainably (SIMa – Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing). This stands for effectively utilizing existing production capacity and know-how without needlessly investing in new. Our operations result in excellent end products, cost savings for our client and more effective resource utilization in the value chain. Responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

Always tailor-made solutions for the client with satisfaction guarantee

We are responsible for production planning, manufacturing and delivery logistics to our client’s production line or as a single-packed product ready for retail sales. Operating flexibly offers our client an easy to buy solution without a need to add on or stretch their own resources. We take pride in designing and manufacturing customized, industrial goods globally and delivering them most ecological, sustainable way via sea packed in plastics-free, fully recyclable packing.


We are specialised in product solutions where there is a need for extreme durability in harsh conditions, finished outlook or unconventional execution in terms of tailor-made material choice or assembly. All of our products and materials are customised to meet the specifications of each client. 

Outlook & Design Products

We serve clients who want their final product to offer the best possible user experience for their customer. 

Products for Harsh Conditions


We are used to making durable quality goods for extremely harsh conditions such as in the Marine business. 

Tailor-made Solutions

Kirami komposiitti kylpytynnyri
We can help when you want to stand out with unconventional execution, tailor-made products and materials. 

Medical & Protection

Face mask

We manufacture and import certified personal protective equipment. We are a contract supplier for both public and private sector.

What We Promise You and Why 100% Of Our Clients Recommend Us as a Manufacturing Partner

Well engineered product sells more and at a higher margin yet resulting in more satisfied customers than on average. These are the kind of end products we want to take part in the making for our clients as their manufacturing partner.

You Get Exactly What You Want

Production of goods is always based on your needs and wishes, and on-time delivery to your production will be taken care of according to your schedule. We are content only after you are satisfied. Aiming for the best user experience while also maximizing your commercial success. 

Desired Quality at the Right Price

In manufacturing industries more strategic, sustainable and intelligent ways to produce the goods is needed. We are a partner that creates value by bringing together knowhow from engineering, manufacturing and logistics. The outcome is desired quality at the right price.

Efficient and Lean Way of Working

We create not only excellent end products, but also cost savings for our client and more effective resource utilization in the whole value chain. By utilizing existing global production capacity and knowhow we are flexible and effective in everything that we do. 

Sustainably Manufactured Goods

We manufacture durable goods with a long lifetime and good recyclability. Prime examples of such are stainless steel marine equipment made of recyclable AISI316 and composite panels and planks with custom profile made of recycled plastics and parquet production waste.  

Ensured Compatibility of Components

We take full responsibility over compatibility of components coming from different factories in assemblies. The final product will be delivered in a form of components ready for assembly or full assembled product for the production line. Also single-packed product ready for retail sales are available.

Forerunner in Ecological Packing

We have initiated a program called No Plastic 2020 in which we work together with our clients and manufacturing partners aiming to minimize the use of plastics in packing. And eventually replace it with more ecological packing materials and reusable packing units.

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