Carefree boating or tightening latches?

The Latch matters - X-Latch to all boats and conditions

There are a number of small things everyone knows about, which we find annoying while boating, but which are easily overlooked at the beach. Just to irritate again the next time we are boating.

In hard waves or even at times with calm weather, you can hear the metal latches rattling, you are closing the hatches that open at sea again and again, or repeatedly adjusting the latches.

X-Latch - latch for any weather

As a solution to this, we come up with an entirely new, silent, easy-to-lock and durable latch, the X-Latch. Combining this revolutionary rubber lining with a steel outer shell, this latch solves a problem so common to all boaters – the latch does not open even in harsh conditions and does not need to be adjusted at all. Noiseless, carefree and effortless boating.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use X-Latch.

We wanted to make the latch durable and as easy to use as possible, so the X-Latch can be installed at a glance. Opening and closing the latch is possible even with gloves on. We manufacture the latch exterior with a stylish hand polished stainless steel (AISI316) and natural rubber inside. X-Latch comes with a lifetime warranty (excl. fixing screws) and has been tested in both laboratory and marine environments. Depending on the application, X-Latch is available with different surface finishes:

  • hand polished
  • elegant Titanium black
  • matte gray

Read more on our X-Latch.com site and contact us for more.

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