Medical and Protection Products

Medical and Protection products are for clients who value CE-certified quality in  protective equipment delivered straight from our Helsinki warehouse or from the factories in Taiwan and China. Our clients include municipalities, hospital districts, private companies and public health organisations. All of clients have one thing in common: they want to take care of their personnel safety and client well-being. With our certified products, the best personal protection is guaranteed. 


Surgical face masks and respirators

  • EN14683 surgical masks TYPE I, TYPE IIR (CE & FDA approved)
  • EN149 FFP2 Respirators with or without valve

Coveralls CAT III PPE

  • Our partner in coveralls is a significant safety gear manufacturer in Taiwan. Type 5B.-6B CE-marked coveralls qualify to protect from particle contamination, as well, from splatters and liquids.
  • EN 13034:2005+A1:2009, EN ISO 13982-1:2004+A1:2010, EN 1149-5:2

Product Selection

All products are certified. Products are manufactured in China and Taiwan. In Taiwan  we have our own local team operating in production and logistics, ensuring the quality and best product performance to our clients. Our product selection includes i.e. surgical masks, FFP2 respirators, coveralls, visors, goggles and antimicrobial products. We also offer special equipment such as hazmat suits. Please contact our sales for inquiries and more information.