No Plastic 2020- New way of packaging

The non-plastic packaging is here and you will save money with it

One year ago we initiated a development program called No Plastic 2019 to encourage our suppliers and the whole industry to reduce and eliminate material and time waste in production and packaging. Our goal was to eliminate plastic in packaging to ease our costumers’ waste management and also eliminate the time spent on unwrapping components at the production line. Sustainability is at the core of our business and eliminating plastics is one simple way to do our share for our planet and future generations. Plastics free packing is also a great way to save money.

From the business perspective

Everyone is aware of the fact that the non-plastic packaging is eco friendly. It is also common to think that it’s money consuming for a business to convert its production to an environment friendly way. We are sorry to inform you but in practice this part is not true. You increase roughly 10% for production line efficiency by saving time in unpacking and waste handling.


Depending on the product, operational efficiency can increase by 10%, which is a pretty big deal for any European company. Consider a production unit employing 120 people now managing with only 110 people, the annual savings easily accumulate to 250 000 euros and more not to mention the positive effect on the environment.  

In our No Plastic 2020 program dozens of product families have so far experienced a no plastic packing make-over and millions of plastic poaches, most of them made of harmful bubble wrap have been eliminated. This transparent plastic packaging product consist of small spheres of air bubble which is meant to protect fragile items. It’s made from plastic polymer film, which is toxic and comes with and enormous carbon footprint.

The result has been positive for the environment and our customers alike. We are looking forward to see more and more of our customers joining this no plastic movement this year and requesting a no plastic packing for their goods.


All things considered, working with Tietoset means you are being sustainable and saving money, capacity and time. You will be valued by the end client and you will be a part of a more effective resource utilization in the value chain. Responsible and sustainable manufacturing has never been so easy.

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