Life jackets and boat ladders save from drowning

90% of drowning cases could be prevented by wearing life jackets. Anyone in the water would also be rescued if the boat had quality ladders

Boating often focuses on establishing and updating the standards required by law and regulation. However, it is not always enough either. Every year, 100 to 150 people die in Finland (SUH), which is the highest figure in the Nordic countries in relation to the population. Hot summer increases drowning deaths.

Half of the drowning cases occur under the influence of alcohol and the majority of drowning deaths could be avoided eg. with the right safety attitude and being prepared for life jackets and staying clear on the water. Unfortunately, however, we are still reading the news of drowning cases where the victim has fallen from her boat without getting back to the boat or the beach.

Alcohol multiplies the risk of drowning

A drowning accident is always the sum of many factors. A typical summer drown is a middle-aged man dropping off a boat on a fishing trip, not wearing life jackets and drinking alcohol. Even mild drowsiness impairs judgment, reaction speed and movement control. After a few beers the risk of an accident is double, after 5-6 beers it has increased tenfold. Without the ladder installed on the boat, fallen person cannot reach the boat.

Standard boat equipment - boat ladder

Standard equipment for each boat should among other things include: life jackets, bailer, distress alarms and boat ladders. This equipment may be missing, inappropriately installed, or of improper features, making the use of ladders impossible due to the risk of the boat falling over.

There shall be a ladder on the boat which allows the person in the water to board the boat, not just to ensure that the survey is completed.

Ladder models

We make four different models of swimming ladders, each of which helps the person on the water get back to the boat, reducing the number of drowning cases. All our ladder models are made of hand polished stainless steel (AISI316), are available in 3 or 4 steps, and meet the latest CE standard. Ladders reach deep enough in the water for easy access to the boat.

  • Folding telescopic ladders are easy to swing over and float on the floating platform and do not sway during the ascent, ensuring easy climbing without tilting the boat.
  • The folding ladder model is suitable for almost all powerboats and pleasure boats. It is easy to attach behind the boat thanks to its adjusting plates and its flexibility. When driving a boat, the ladder does not swing or make noise, but stays firmly in its mounting brackets.
  • The telescopic ladder is secured under the bathing platform and is activated and deactivated with an easy attachment mechanism.
  • The spring-loaded ladder is also secured under the bathing platform for ease of use. The ladder is easy to lower into the water at an angle of 105 degrees, which makes it easier to get out of the water and prevent the stairs from slamming against the boat. The stairs are sturdy and the spring makes it easy to open the ladder even from the water.
We are guaranteeing boating safety and boating comfort with high quality ladder solutions.

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